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Personal Care

Personal Care (Skin, Hair & Sun)

Arete Labs team has a cumulative experience
of over 100 years in the formulation of bespoke,
innovative and trend-setting formulations.

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We have a considerable understanding of moisturisers, cleansers, toners, mists, masks, serums, foundations, concealers, primers, shampoos, conditioners, styling products, specialty formulations, colour cosmetics, men's care, and products for salons, boutiques, and spas.

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Our formulas cover all main skin and hair types and encompass knowledge of the correct engineering of functional ingredients. Arete Labs can also develop entire product platforms for clients or individual products that synchronise with current platforms.

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In addition, Arete Labs has industry-first experience in the construction of sun care products, including mineral and organic sunscreens in cream, spray, and mist formats, as well as unique after sun products.

Consider, ARETE Labs as your
technology & formulation partner

ARETE Labs and our global testing partners can address all your product testing requirements. Consider ARETE Labs as your technology & formulation partner to solve all your Skin, Hair & Sun CARE formulation challenges.

If sustainability is close to your heart, you will be delighted to know that we have prevented the consumption of over 400,000 single-use plastic bottles & jars by re-designing formulations and changing formats.

Thanks to our clients for trusting us & embracing the new formats and helping us reduce plastic waste.

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Our research capability and formulation expertise
enables access to ground-breaking product developments
for advanced skin and hair care products.

Understanding the skin's structure, physiology and biochemistry is fundamental to developing efficacious formulations that provides our clients with observable and measurable results.

Our team of expert chemists have deep knowledge of medicinal and natural product chemistry which alongside our research capability and formulation expertise enables access to ground-breaking product developments for advanced skin and hair care products.

At Arete Labs, we critically assess the most recent international research and patent output. In conjunction with our own active research projects in the field it ensures that we use the most innovative materials (extracts & excipients) to create breakthrough cosmeceutical formulations.

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baby care 1

Infant Care requires care and attention in formulations to ensure the products are gentle, safe, non-irritating, maintain the integrity of the skin barrier, and protect infant skin in sensitive areas such as occluded nappy regions.

baby care 2

Importantly, as the infant's body is adjusting to the prevention of microbial infection and dehydration it is paramount that infant care formulations should contain only ingredients that are necessary.

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Beyond consideration of the overall health of the infant, Arete Labs will ensure packaging is safe, and that the requirements of caregivers are understood. Our capabilities include shampoo, conditioner, body wash, nappy cream, body lotion, cream, lotion, oil, bubble bath, and powders.

Our formulations meet the rigorous
standards of HRIPT test and are
Dermatologist & Paediatrician approved

Over the past three years of our existence, Arete labs has developed a variety of baby care formulations that are gentle, efficacious, and affordable.

All our Babycare formulations are free from SLS, SLES, EDTA, Parabens, mineral oil, paraffin, petrochemicals, artificial dyes, and other nasties. Our formulations meet the rigorous standards of the HRIPT test and are Dermatologist & Paediatrician approved.

If you are keen to develop innovative skincare products for babies that are efficacious and gentle, then drop us a note.

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Our expertise lies in developing
breakthrough homecare products in
the most innovative formats.

home care 1

Arete Labs has been at the forefront of product innovation within the homecare industry. We have developed highly efficacious concentrated waterless formulations in powder & tablet format ranging from handwashes to laundry & multipurpose cleaners.

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It has made our homecare clients stay ahead of their competition (local & global) but also helped them reduce their carbon footprint by over 50%.

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We create a variety of home care products, including detergents, air fresheners, scouring powders, glass cleaners and polish, kitchen & bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners, car shampoo and waxes, laundry formulations, handwash, detergent powder, disinfectant, and sanitisers.


We specialize in flea and tick products,
calming remedies and nutritional supplements.

Arete Labs has a solid pedigree in developing topical and ingestible pet care products that help support the overall health and well-being of pets. Our formulation range includes shampoos, conditioners, and deodorants, but we specialise in flea and tick products, calming remedies and nutritional supplements.

ARETE Labs has recently developed a highly efficacious and affordable ingestible product for tick, worm and flea prevention. There are also new product developments to cure special skin conditions for pets, such as eczema.

Our team has the formulation expertise and are familiar with the applicable regulations to ensure the development of highly efficacious and compliant products.

If you are looking for a development partner for a pet care product,let's chat.

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Pharma (OTC & Wellness)

We have a complete understanding of
Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
regulatory requirements, quality control,
and good manufacturing practice.

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Arete Labs can undertake new product development of medicinal products, nutritional supplements, innovative, naturopathically formulated products, and homoeopathic and aromatherapy preparations in the complementary health sector.

pharma 2

We can prepare in multiple formats including tablet, powder, liquid, capsule, and encapsulation, with an array of packaging options.