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Our Journey

Two best friends Aditi & Jai, with no prior business experience while going through a difficult phase in their lives decide to band together and form a start-up to bring breakthrough formulations & expertise in innovation stifled industries.


(Ms. Brains)

A mad scientist who loves being a chef in the chemistry lab and is passionate about creating magical formulations

Aditi an anorak holds two masters (in microbiology & industrial biotechnology) just her way of letting the world know that she is a nerd.
She has over 12 years of experience in the personal care, cosmeceuticals, and pharma (OTC & Wellness) industries.
Aditi has worked with global brands to some known and unknown contract manufacturers. After getting frustrated by lack of innovation in industries she is passionate about, she decided to take it upon herself to change it.
A nerd on mission!!!


(Mr Beauty- Not Really)

The cheerleader for entrepreneurs

Jai, a science graduate with an MBA degree after spending a decade in banking & financial services decides to quit his job. He listens to his soul and joins a non-for-profit organization and eventually ends up helping start-ups, small and medium businesses grow. Regular interactions with entrepreneurs inspired him to take the plunge. As any good friend would do, he drags his best friend along on this crazy, dangerous & sometimes fun entrepreneurial journey.

From passion of an innovation hungry chemist and entrepreneurial spirit ignited by inspiring businesses, ARETE labs was born in May 2019.

Our Social & Sustainability Commitment

“At ARETE Labs we believe in giving back to the community, in supporting charities, and in helping create a better world”

Last year we donated 10% of our profits to our amazing charity partners and we are honoured to say that the number of foundations supported has grown from 3 to over 10 in the past 2 years. As we grow, so will our social impact towards providing ongoing support to a broader spectrum of worthy causes.”

We are committed to doing our bit to help save our planet.

By working collaboratively with our clients & partners, in the past couple of years we have managed to:

  • Prevent consumption of over 400,000 single-use plastic bottles & jars by re-designing formulations and changing formats.
  • Reduce carbon footprint of our clients by approximately 40-50% by introducing concentrated & waterless formulations.

Thanks to our clients for trusting us & embracing the new formats and helping us reduce plastic waste & carbon footprint.

Our social and sustainability achievements are modest but then most of the great ideas & organizations had humble beginnings.

We will continue our pursuit for innovation, continuous improvement & doing our bit for the community and towards the sustainable future of our planet!!

Charities We Support